My pledge to you is that I will:

Serve with Integrity- I will always be honest with you. 

Being available to the public to hear concerns.

Sheriff Office finances will be made available to the      public.

-Protecting the taxpayer’s money.

-Run the sheriff’s office like a busines

-Operate the sheriff’s officer within a Balanced Budget.

Add more boots on the ground to increase visibility to      deter crime.

Enhance the use of technology to better analyze crime data trends.

Provide Leadership, that will restore the Public’s Trust, and will empower deputies to serve with a higher level of moral, enabling deputies to more efficiently serve the citizens.











 Bring Proactive Law Enforcement 

TJ’s 5 Point Plan to secure the future for                  a Safer Florence County


Increase the number of Deputies on Patrol

The number of deputies on patrol to answer the calls for service have not kept up with the polulation growth in Florence County. With this population growth, there has also been a growth in the number of calls for service resulting in increasing long response times before a deputy arrives and that is completely unaccecpetable.  As your next Sheriff, I will increase the number of deputies on patrol which will improve response times and increase the visibility of our deputies to deter crime.

Adding More Investigators

Florence County needs more invest igators in the Sheriff’s Office to be able to solve cases quicker and to reduce the growing back log of cases. I will also add a Cold Case Unit so the families of the victim find the closeure they desserve. 

Investing in our Deputies 

We have to create budgets that prioritize spending the taxpayers money in the most efficient manner that best serves the citizens of Florence County and also invest into our deputies. Brave men and women put their lives on the line every day at the Sheriff’s Office. I believe we owe it to our brave deputies to look at ways to increase pay for all deputies, improve training opportunities, and upgrade equipment. Additionally, I will work to increase the starting pay for deputies so we can attract and retain top talent to serve as deputies in the Sheriff’s Office. 

Build Stronger Partnerships 

As your new sheriff, I will work with the school districts to make our schools safer. I currently work in a a school now, serving as the head of security and I know what it takes to keep our kids safe in school. 

I will also work to build stronger partnerships with our communities.

As a former Highway Patrol Lieutenant being over 8 counties, each with their own sheriff, I know what it takes to work along with other law enforecement agencies. That’s why as your next sheriff, I am going to work with neighboring law enforcement agencies to promote collaboration and more effectively target criminals in Florence County. 

Enhancing Technology and Equipment 

As your next sheriff, I will ensure our deputies have the lastest equipment and training that will better protect our deputies and our citizens. I will initinate a plan to equip our deputies with Body Cameras and also draft a review policy, that will best protect our deputies and our citizens.

I will also, invest in software technology that will analyze crime data and will indicate trends that will allow the Sheriff’s Office to more effectively fight crime.